UV Artwork

Ultraviolet (UV) Reactive Artwork

UV, also often known as Black Light, brings artwork and special effects to life in the dark.  The effect is created by using special paints that contain pigments that glow under UV lights and with the addition of special 3D glasses make the artwork appear to leap out of the walls.

UV Special Effects - Blair Drummond Safari Park

Perfect for:

  • Adult Screamparks
  • Children’s Spooky Fun Halloween Events
  • Adventure Golf
  • Nightclubs
  • Escape Rooms
  • Theme Park Rides
  • Special Events


UV Special Effects - Blair Drummond Safari Park

UV artwork is a great way to bring a whole new dynamic to your visitors.  Whether you are looking for whole scaremazes or just one room, special effects, back drops or props, UV is an easy win for wow factor.

Artwork is handpainted and designed to suit your theme and demographic with artwork designed to suit both adults and children.  UV mazes are popular with Halloween attractions with the artwork glowing in the darkness creating that naturally spooky feel.

National Press Coverage

We are so proud to have had our UV artwork  featured in The Guardian, The Times and The Scotsman in October 2019 for the scream park maze ‘The Tomb’ at Blair Drummond Safari Park’s Hallowild event.

Photo Credit – Andrew Milligan/PA


The Guardian Newspaper
Going 3D

Take your UV area fully immersive with the addition of 3D glasses.  The special prism-like holographic film fitted into the glasses gives the user the illusion that some colours appear closer and some further away, therefore creating  a disorientating effect.

To create this effect, colours need to be painted in a specific order to ensure this effect works.  If you are thinking of installing a UV maze and think you may also want to use the 3D glasses at any time in the future, please ensure you ask for your artwork to be created suitable for 3D use as this cannot easily be added later.  There is no difference in the price, just in the way it is painted.

Services Available:

  • On-site painting – paint applied direct to your walls/temporary plywood wall panels
  • Off-site painting – plywood wall panels painted and couriered ready to install
  • Off-site painting – painted onto canvas panels, delivered ready to install, easy to store away for events
  • Full maze/attraction designed and painted
  • Half/part attraction designed and painted
  • Small areas/single rooms
  • UV special effects
  • Supply of 3D glasses

We also work with a wide range of service professionals who can design layout, build and light your venue.   With the constant advancement in UV lighting, there is now a wide range of special effects, fade, strobing and many more lighting effects that can be achieved.  See ‘Halloween’ for more information.

UV Gallery

Please scroll for examples of UV and 3D artwork

UV Special Effects
UV Special Effects
UV Special Effects
UV Special Effects
UV Artwork at Blair Drummond Safari Park

Artwork specifically designed for Children

UV at Halloween doesn’t have to be all clowns and scary faces , it is easily changed to smiley faces and spooky fun and can be used at a variety of attractions outside of Halloween.

UV Artwork and Special Effects
UV Artwork and Special Effects
UV Artwork and Special Effects
UV Artwork and Special Effects
UV Artwork and Special Effects
UV Artwork and Special Effects
UV Artwork and Special Effects
UV Artwork and Special Effects
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