Artificial Snow

Artificial Snow and Snow Flocking

Artificial Snow Flocking

The last time snow fell on Christmas Day was waaay back in 2010.  Unlike so many living in places such as New York where snow is almost guaranteed, here in the UK we have a much higher chance of snow in February and March than we do in December.

So with nature not on our side to create winter wonderland’esque events ahead of Christmas, you would be forgiven for thinking we will have to save white Christmas’ for films BUT… you would be wrong!!

Artificial Snow Flocking is available for both interior and exterior events, so creating those white, magical Christmas experiences full of fun, snowball fights, snow angels and more smiles than Buddy the Elf himself, is only a click away.


Artificial Snow Flocking
Artificial Snow Flocking
Artificial Snow Flocking
Artificial Snow Flocking
Santa's Grotto Before and Afters

What is it made of?

Snow flocking is a paper based snow effect that settles like real snow.  With various types of snow available we are able to cover both interior and exterior areas, trees and props to give that freshly fallen snow feel.

Snow Gallery:

Check out the gallery for images and ideas for how you could create that extra magical feel in your attraction.



Non Flammable

Non Hazardous

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I add snow to my attraction?

The addition of snow can really transport your visitors into a world where Father Christmas and his elves live.  The world they imagine, see in films and read about in books.  Walking into a set filled with snow brings that extra sparkle of Christmas magic and will definitely enhance your attraction and encourage photo opportunities.

What is it made of?

Our snow is a light and almost fluffy paper based product, with the addition of a glue element for exterior sets that will harden to allow it to be used externally.

Both interior and exterior snow are:

  • Ecologically safe
  • Biodegradable
  • Non flammable
  • Non Hazardous
  • Pose no danger to the environment (including surface water, river or ponds) or the ozone layer

Exterior snow is not suitable for use on live trees, plants or lawns as may cause plant deterioration.  For lawn application we will lay a protective covering onto lawns etc prior to snow coverage.

Can visitors touch it?

Yes.  Interior snow is safe to touch, make snow angels, throw and have fun in.  Exterior snow will harden to allow it to be used externally.  It is not suitable for consumption.

What’s the difference between settled snow and a snow machine?

A snow machine will ‘make it snow’ from above.  This kind of snow is usually made of a foam that will disappear within a few minutes.  Settled snow is a paper based product that once applied settles and lasts much longer.

Can I have both?

Yes you can, however please be aware as settled snow is paper based and snow machine fluid is ‘wet’ we would suggest you use exterior snow which sets to allow the fluid snow from a snow machine to land on it and not ruin the effect .

Can I use it inside?

Yes. Please ensure your area is dry and not open to the elements, exterior snow can be used inside if your area is prone to leaks, wind etc

Can I use it outside? 

Yes, exterior snow has a glue element that hardens making it suitable to be used outside.  Please note you may need more than one application dependent on the timescale of your needs and the weather conditions.

What if it gets wet?

Interior snow may clump or move around if it gets wet.  Please ensure you check your space for rain, damp and/or leaks before choosing interior snow. If you are concerned Exterior snow may be the best option for longevity.

Can I use it on real trees?

Yes – both varieties can be used on real cut trees. Interior snow can be used on living trees.  Exterior snow is not suitable for living trees as it may damage or kill the tree.

Can I use it on artificial trees?

Yes.  If your artificial trees will be outside please note they must be galvanized trees suitable for exterior use.  Non galvanized trees will rust in bad weather, the rust will show through the snow causing it to turn orange.

Please note brand new artificial trees must be ‘fluffed’ before we arrive.  Preparing new trees is very time consuming, non fluffed trees will be charged additional fees.

How long will it last?

Interior snow coverage will depend on the design of the area, for example if your snow covered area is on a scene that does not  allow visitor access and is undisturbed it should last for the duration of your experience.

If your area allows visitor access you may require a top up during your event run.  Exterior snow hardens after 2 – 3 days and is mostly weather resistant as long as you do not experience heavy rain and/or strong wind.  Open areas or following bad weather may require an additional application.

What will I need to provide?

We will require power with a regular UK 3 pin plug socket and access to a water tap/hose. 

If your tap is a fair distance away from the area please have a long hose extension available.  

Snow takes approx 2 – 3 hours to dry, during this time the area must be closed to the public and events team due to the possible inhalation of dust.  Anyone working within the vicinity of the area during application, during the following 2 – 3 hours (or until the dust has settled) after application and/or during removal will be required to wear a suitable mask.

How is it applied?

Snow is applied via a spray operated only by the Snow Magical Team only, machines not available on hire

Is it easy to clear away?

Interior – Sweep up and clear snow into recyclable bags and recycle. 

Whilst the product is biodegradable avoid pouring product into drains and waterways. 

When clearing away ensure you wear protective masks and do not inhale.

Exterior – On surfaces that are not sensitive to water remove by running a stream of water over the site. 

Lawns will require pre laid matting, to dispose of accordingly, remove matting and rake or vacuum up any remaining snow, small white particles will degrade.

When removing all snow products ensure your team wear masks and/or appropriate clothing.

How much does it cost?

Due to the vast variations of areas that snow can be used for, your quote will be based on the size of the area, number of trees, buildings, props etc.

When requesting a quote please include:

  • A description of the area you would like covered,
  • Interior, exterior, both
  • Approx. size
  • Approx. number of Christmas trees
  • A photo of the area if possible
  • Anything else you think we might need to know

As grotto designers and builders we understand it can be difficult to be 100% accurate on your measurements before your experience is built but please provide the information to the best of your knowledge, adjustments can be made at a later stage if needed.

Request a snow sample

Artificial Snow Flocking
Artificial Snow Flocking
Artificial Snow Flocking
Artificial Snow Flocking
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