Face in the hole boards

Hand Painted Face in the Hole Photo Opportunity Boards

The photo opportunity that allows your visitors to quite literally put their ‘face in the hole’ and become a part of your picture.

Face in the hole, peep boards, head in the hole, hole in the head, whatever you call them, are great fun for visitors, guests, party go’ers, friends and family to have fun, take photos and create memories at the same time.

Face in the Hole Board

Fun for everyone at:

  • Visitor Attractions
  • Events
  • Businesses
  • Trade Shows
  • Parties
  • Weddings
  • Special Occasions
  • Festivals


Face in the Hole Board

Please scroll the gallery for examples:

Size Guide

Depending on who your event is for there are various size variations to choose from.

For children we would suggest a square or landscape board so smaller children can reach the holes and adults can join in on their knees.

For adult boards we would suggest a portrait board, with 2 holes for faces, 3 if you are happy to compromise on the design a little.

Face in the Hole Board Size Guide
Face in the Hole Board Size Guide
Face in the Hole Board Size Guide
Face in the Hole Board Size Guide


  • Standard: 12mm Hardwood ply
  • Marine ply upgrade also available – please ask at the time of enquiry


  • Boards hand painted and coated with a quality, hard wearing, non-yellowing yacht vanish.
  • Gloss reverse side
  • 4′ x 4′ (Landscape) – £295
  • 5/6′ x 4′ (Landscape) – £395
  • 8′ x 4′ (Landscape) – £495
  • 3.5′ x 5′ (Portrait) – £395

Please get in touch for pricing for alternative sizes, shaped boards, edging or frames, flower surrounds and boards with lights/anything else you fancy, we love hearing new ideas.

Please note all of our boards are hand painted, we do not have the facilities to print.  Our Face in the hole boards are the painted board only and do not come with legs attached to enable them to be free standing.  Please ask for a photo on how this can easily be achieved once you receive your board if you are unsure.



Please send your enquiry to layona@artifexdesigns.co.uk or via the Contact Us form.

If your board is for an event or needed for a specific date, please allow time for the boards to be designed, signed off, painted and delivered.  Please let us know when you enquire if you need it for a specific time to ensure we will have adequate time to complete it and get it to you.  Please note some times of the year are much busier than others so the more notice you can provide the better.




Where possible, please get in touch within plenty of time before you need your board.  If your board and/or other artwork is for Halloween please get in touch as early as possible in the year to avoid dissappointment as this is a very busy time.

Collection or Delivery:

Collection available from The Artifex Studio, Smithbrook Kilns, Cranleigh, Surrey – GU6 8JJ

Delivery – due to the nature and size of these boards we use Anyvan, a door to door courier which minimises the risk of damage.  Delivery fees are calculated at the time of ordering the courier.  If you wish to be informed of the delivery fee before we book it in please let us know in advance.  Once a delivery has been booked and paid it cannot be changed and will be added to your invoice.

Please note additional delivery fees apply and are not included in the product price.


Installing your board:

For permanent or very large boards we would suggest you install them onto posts firmly in the ground or on fences with safe pedestrian access both sides.  For events and non-permanent locations you will need to attach legs to your board to make it free standing.  If you board will be moved around please ensure you choose a size that will fit in your vehicle.  A 3.5′ wide x 5′ high board will fit in most large cars with the back seats down, please measure before you order.

Addtional Info:

Concept to Creation

To get your board created, all you need to do is tell us your ideas, it really is as simple as that.

We will need to know:

  • Approx size/orientation
  • Number of holes for faces
  • Is it going to be used by adults or children
  • Venue or event type

The specifics – What is your theme, what would you like in your scene: animals, people, buildings, wording, logo etc and any special instructions.

Face in the Hole Board
Face in the Hole Board
Make it yours

If you are a farm park and your farmer is known for always wearing a blue cap, we can include that.  If you are getting married and have a colour theme or are known for something specific, we can include that or if you have an iconic building, structure, vechicle etc  Tell us about you, your business or your event and we will try to include as much as possible in the design.

The example above was designed for a group of friends who play a charity football match every year in memory of a friend they lost to Cystic Fibrosis.  Alongside the football match they have a bouncy castle, face painting, glitter tattoos, BBQ, home made cakes and treats, raffle and much more.  All the proceeds raised go directly to the Cystic Fibrosis charity.

The board was designed to depict friends playing football.  The Freddie Mercury jacket was there as a memory of the jacket he was known for, his beloved cat, favourite games and movie characters.  Along the bottom is the team colours and names and a nod to the charity with their rose logo on the top of the flag pole.  A little something to remember with a smile to everyone who knew him.

Replace an old board

If you have a board already that is well used and loved by all but is looking a bit tired, let us give the design a make over and create you something new and super fun.

This modernised replacement board was designed based on their original for their summer Maize Maze.

Face in the Hole Board
Face in the Hole Board
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