Halloween Events

The popularity of Halloween in the UK is growing every year.   In 2020 a massive 25% of the British population bought a pumpkin resulting in a £29.7 million spend.  With the average Halloween spend rising from £230 million in 2013 to £474 million in 2018 the seasons popularity shows no signs of slowing down.

A whopping 10 – 15 million pumpkins are grown in the UK every year, so whether you have the capacity to grow your own pumpkins, buy them in and/or put on a Halloween event, the question on your lips is likely to be ‘How can I create an awesome Halloween event?’

So Muster your Monsters, Whip up your Witches and Gather your Ghouls as there are so many fun ideas to get your teeth stuck into for Halloween and we are here to help you make it happen.


  • Spooky huts/shacks/houses and walk through sets
  • Exterior and woodland theming walk throughs and sets
  • Walk about characters
  • Actor led shows
  • Costume
  • Pumpkin Carving Stations
  • Spooky signage
  • Props
  • Spooky Tractor Rides/Haunted Hay Rides
  • Quizzes, Trails and Games
  • Theming and Decorations
  • Atmospheric lighting
  • Royalty free music and soundtracks
  • Face Painters
  • UV Scaremazes
  • UV 3D immersive walk throughs
  • Scarecrows
  • Photo opportunities
  • Glitter Tattoo Artists
  • Halloween Craft Stations
Halloween Events
Halloween Events and Theming

Spooky Shacks

Turn your old barn, tool shed, party room or even the inside of a marquee into a spooky walkthrough, haunted house or spooky shack.  Designed to suit your audience with easy transformations from kiddie daytime to evening adult events.


Have a scroll through the gallery for examples of both adult and child themed events.

Halloween Events and Theming
Halloween Events and Theming
Halloween Events and Theming
Halloween Events and Theming
Halloween Events and Theming

Pumpkin Patches

Create more fun and photo ops around your Pumpkin Picking experience.

Games, spiders web tunnels, giant spiders, mini bale mazes, squash cannons, pumpkin carving areas, weighing stations, face in the hole boards, and spooky-fun signage all creating a fun event and great backdrops for those all important instagram stories.

Handpainted Signage
Pumpkin Picking Theming
Pumpkin Picking Theming
Pumpkin Picking Theming
Pumpkin Picking Theming
Halloween Carpet Murals

Carpet Murals

Transform any drab uninteresting space with these brilliant backdrops that double up as photo ops. 

Constructed of carpet, they are weather-proof and re-usable for the following year make these perfect for Halloween events.

All you need is a wooden backboard or fence and they can be made as big or little as you like.


Halloween Carpet Mural
Halloween Carpet Murals
Halloween Carpet Murals
Halloween Carpet Murals
Halloween Carpet Murals
UV Special Effects

UV 3D Artwork and Mazes

Spooky fun, trippy and psychedelic’ly scary, UV and UV 3D mazes are a brilliant and completely different addition to a screampark, perfect as a stand alone maze or even just to add something different to a room or walkway.

UV or Ultraviolet, also known as Black Light artwork is created using special paints that contain pigments that glow under UV light.  This effect can be ramped up with the addition of special 3D glasses to give the user the illusion the artwork is leaping out of the walls.

UV Artwork and Special Effects
UV Special Effects
UV scaremaze artwork
UV Artwork and Special Effects
Find out more about UV and UV 3D
Halloween Photo Opportunities

Photo Opportunities and Signage

Adding fun, colourful or themed signage is a great way to create a themed event quickly and create photo opportunities at the same time.

Photographs play a big role in business advertising.  Showing potential visitors what they can see and do at your business is key to getting them to visit you, this is amplified by seeing other people having fun.

Create great photo opportunities for your customers to share their images on social media and encourage your visitors to do your marketing for you for free.

Face in the Hole Board
Halloween Event Signage


Check out fun signage and character cutouts for your event or attraction:

Farm Face in the hole board

Face in the Hole Boards

See examples of Face in the Hole boards to help you choose what will work for you:

Easter Event Advertising Hay Bale

Bale Art Photo Ops

Event theming, fun advertsising and great photo opportunies made with Straw Bales:

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