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Santa’s Grottos & Christmas Events

With over 19 million families in the UK, 97% of them celebrating Christmas, Children enjoying a visit to Santa up to the ages of 8, 9 and sometimes even 10 and with many families visiting more than one grotto each year, the demand for quality Santa’s Grottos is as strong as it has ever been.

In recent years, we have seen a rise in the demand for experience based attractions.  The days of visiting Santa in a basic grotto in your local shopping centre are well on their way out.  Families now want more sparkle, more magic, they want to be fully immersed in their surroundings and most of all, they want to be entertained.

So dust off your elf thinking hat, pour yourself a marshmallowey hot chocolate, ask Alexa to play your favourite festive tunes and get your head into Christmas as there is much to plan…

Services Available:

  • Experience design
  • Layout and build
  • Marquee/equipment sourcing and hire
  • Full immersive theming
  • Props and prop sourcing
  • Set hire
  • Artificial Snow
  • Snow Rooms
  • Carpet Murals
  • Atmospheric lighting
  • Licence free music and sound effects
  • Special effects and smells


  • Costume and costume hire
  • Actors and Script writing
  • Character Creation
  • Walk about characters
  • Reindeer Hire
  • Elf recruitment and training
  • Gift Selection and Present Rooms
  • Bear Building workshops
  • Event Production Management
  • Photo Opportunities
  • Painted cut out Characters
Santa's Grotto

Design and Build

Big or small, open or cosy we can design an experience that will work for your space and ideas.

With a little creativity and attention to detail even the blandest of rooms can be transformed into a magical space.

Before’s and After’s:

Examples, one in a party room, the other an animal barn.

Santa's Grotto Builders
Santa's Grotto Before and Afters
Santa's Grotto Before and Afters
Santa's Grotto Before and Afters
Santa's Grotto Before and Afters

Sets and Theming

From Mrs Claus Kitchen, to Elf School, Workshops, Sewing Rooms, Reindeer Keepers Pens to Wintery Wonderlands, we’ve got you covered.

We specialise in attention to detail so each and everywhere you look you’ll see those little touches that really make the difference.


Theming Gallery:

Scroll for set and theming examples

Christmas Sets and Theming
Christmas Sets and Theming
Christmas Sets and Theming
Christmas Sets and Theming
Christmas Sets and Theming

Character Creation and Costume

Characters that look, walk, talk and bring your attraction or event to life will really make it.

We work with a diverse group of professionals in their field and together we help with:

  • Character Creation
  • Script Writing
  • Walkabout Characters and Story Telling
  • Quality bespoke Costume
  • Provision of Actors
  • Recruitment and Training
  • Props
  • Make Up and Accessories

Character Gallery:

Please scroll to meet some of our Characters

Professor Picklepants
Santa Clause
Guardians of Elfland
Christmas Inventor
Christmas Props

Props, Photo Ops and Special Effects

Attention to detail!

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, the little touches that go into our sites.  From the word Father Christmas written in 10 different languages on the envelopes to piles of old books, to old tools in Santa’s workshop.

We want your guests to look around and really feel as though Santa lives here.

Reindeer Pen Photo Opportunity
Christmas Sets and Theming


Big props including furniture, sleighs and Workshop ‘magical machines’ with movable parts.  Small attention to detail sets, character props, elf props and much more. 


  • Purchase
  • Set hire
  • Sourcing
UV Special Effects

Special Effects

Adding a few extra wow moments here and there will really set you apart from the competition.

The image above is a special UV reactive paint invisible until the magic word/dance or song are performed and you ‘get your elf magic’.  The lights change and watch in wonder as the elves toy blueprints  magically appear.

Carpet Murals

Carpet Murals

Transform any drab uninteresting space with these brilliant backdrops that double up as photo ops. 

Constructed of carpet, they are weather-proof and re-usable for the following year make these perfect for Christmas and Halloween events.


Christmas Photo Opportunity

Photo Opportunities

Help your visitors get the best pictures possible from their visit plus good photos get shared on social media. 

Photo ops can be created with scenes, sets in even small spaces, Face in the hole boards, bale art, background artwork and much more.

Artificial Snow Flocking

Artificial Snow & Flocking

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a little snow to transport your visitors to a winter wonderland they can only dream of. 

  • Magical
  • Eco- friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Non Flammable
  • Non Hazardous

What more could you want!



Artificial Snow Flocking

Check out the SNOW page for more info, pictures and frequently asked questions.

Artificial Snow Flocking
Artificial Snow Flocking
Artificial Snow Flocking
Artificial Snow Flocking
Grotto Gifts

Grotto Gifts, Bear Building and Present Rooms

Gifts given by Santa, elves workshops full of toys to choose your own gift, bear building workshops and even gifts for adults…

No matter who, how or where you give your gifts, we are here to help seamlessly  include it into your attraction.

Plus we can also help with gift selection, gift suppliers, bear building workshops, transition, presentation and theming.


Grotto Gifts
Additional services you might find of interest: