Murals & Artwork

Transforming Spaces!

Murals come in all shapes, sizes, designs and styles.  Specialising in children’s play and entertainment murals, we love hearing your ideas and bringing them to life whether that be inside or outside, to decorate visitor areas or animal pens, entrances, drab walkways or to theme immersive experiences.

They say a picture can paint a thousand words, so what is a BIG picture worth?


What can murals do for your business?
  • They are eye catching
  • They make great photo opportunities
  • They make a statement
  • Create ambience
  • Encourage imaginative play
  • They can ‘grow’ another room/area or patio
  • They can be educational
  • Help your visitors feel welcome
  • They can create illusions

  • Increase dwell time – perfect for areas with catering
  • Improve morale within your team
  • Not to mention they easily cover up drab or unsightly spaces or walls

Play Area Before & Afters

Murals are an easy win to transform plain and uninspiring walls into fun, exciting play areas sparking imaginative play.

Your mural will be designed to suit your area and/or attraction with relevant scenes and characters.

No matter what, where or why, we can make any design tailor-made just for you.

Depending on your space, mural artwork is available in a variety of formats:

  • Painting onsite, directly onto your walls
  • Painted onto wooden boards delivered to you ready to be installed
  • Painted onto wooden cut outs as stand alone pieces or as part of a larger picture (see pirates and octopus)
  • Painted onto canvas and easily installed for an event, rolled and easy to store away.
Mural Gallery

Please scroll the gallery for examples of mural artwork:

Mural Artwork and theming
Mural Artwork and theming
Mural Artwork and theming
Mural Artwork and theming

Bale Art Photo Opportunity & Event Theming

Designed for farms and farm parks. these fun bale art creations are made by stacking large round straw bales.  Tailor-made to suit your attraction, the season or event, or use as an eyecatching way to advertise an up and coming event.

As well as being super eyecatching and different they make great photo opportunites for your visitors to share on social media and help advertise your business.


Bale Art Gallery
Straw Bale Art Mural Creations
Straw Bale Art Mural Creations
Straw Bale Art Mural Creations


Signage is not only great to help your visitors get around but also to welcome them, say ‘see you soon’, give them ideas, teach them about nature, take them on a treasure hunt and bring colour and vibrancy to your space.

  • Directional Signage
  • Welcome/Entrance & Exit Signage
  • Fun Playground Rules
  • Face in the Hole Boards
  • Quizzes and Trails
  • Theming
  • Photo Opportunities


 Signage Gallery
Handpainted Signage
Handpainted Signage
Handpainted Signage
Handpainted Signage
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